Our Sunday Service is every week at 10.15am, with Junior Church for the children.


There is Mass in Church six days a week (One will be in St John's Church) Just look on the notice board on Fuller Street for details, or look on this website.


Would you like to have your baby Baptised? or would you like to get married in Church? Come to Mass any Sunday and see Father James, our Parish Priest afterwards to book in.



Prayer Intentions for this week


Monday  - Those suffering from Covid 19


Tuesday - The residents of Poplar Road


Weds. -  Cransley Hospice


Thursday - The Society of the Holy Cross

Friday - The growth of our Church


Saturday - The Society of the Maintenance of the Faith


Sunday - Our Parish Family



Of your charity, please pray for the sick:


Maddie Kelly, Janice Rouse, Keano Klein,

Maurice Tagg, Jeff Lee, Joan Setchfield,

Annette Green, Angie, Barry Turner,

Linda & Family, Joyce Thompson, Liz Perrott,

Melvyn Hunter, Patrick Sczesny, Pushkar Busht

John Crocker

Pray for the repose of the souls of the recently departed :

Pray the souls of those whose anniversaries of death fall this week :










                                                                           PARISH NOTICES
Food Bank - We now have a permanent box at the back of the Church for donations for the local food bank.Please be generous in bringing packets and tins as you have them.